no-no® Pediatric Arm Immobilizer

Our pediatric arm helper, the original no-no®, is meant to aid in a comfortable recovery for young patients. Our arm immobilizers are also referred to as pediatric arm restraints and/or splints.

All of our pediatric arm immobilizers are sold in pairs. We now have flannel options in blue, pink, and purple!

child with pediatric arm immobilizers on his arms

Finding the correct size is simple

Use our short 3 step sizing guide to determine the correct fit you need

no-no® Pediatric Arm Helper

by H&H Research Inc.

Dearborn, Michigan

Toll FREE 1-800-615-9211


Hospitals, doctor’s offices or schools please call us for more information and special pricing. 

Have a question or need assistance regarding your no-no® pediatric arm helper purchase? If you are you looking to return your no-no® pediatric arm helper purchase give us a call at (800) 615-9211.


Our products are manufactured in the USA and are shipped from our facility in Michigan.

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