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The Story of the Original no-no® 

The original no-no® pediatric arm helper was invented by a plastic surgeon, who specialized in cleft-palate surgeries, to be used before and after surgery. Our children's arm restraints have a special patented design that provides comfortable immobilization in the arm for children and adults all while being able to move freely. All of the sizes are adjustable and easy to use.


The no-no® pediatric arm helper works by limiting and restricting movement at the elbow, this helps patients from touching sutures, removing eye patches, and picking at bandages. Our products also can keep children from pulling on an I.V., or disturbing any other post-surgery treatment. We work with hospitals, doctors offices, and schools all across the country. 


4 children wearing pediatric arm immobilizers

We are proud to say that the no-no® pediatric arm helper has been made and sold by a family-owned business in the U.S.A for over forty years. We strive to be an industry leader, and to that end our products are consistently produced and controlled according to FDA quality standards, allowing us to provide the best possible products and customer results. 


Our product catalog is continuously being updated to offer new pediatric elbow immobilizer styles and prints. We cater to hospitals, doctors offices, schools and families. We offer contract pricing, net 30 and same day shipping Monday through Friday if the order is received by 3:00 p.m. EST.

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