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Buy Pediatric Arm Immobilizers

All pediatric arm immobilizers are sold in pairs. 

Welcome to our no-no® Pediatric Arm helper collection of products, where we offer a range of arm immobilizers tailored for children's recovery needs. Our products, designed as pediatric immobilizers, are essential for post-operative care in surgeries such as cleft palate surgery, cleft lip surgery, heart surgery, and other pediatric surgeries. They are crucial for recovery, helping to prevent children from scratching or touching stitches, and ensuring the proper healing occurs. Our immobilizers, available in various sizes from newborns to larger children, are made with the utmost safety and comfort in mind. Explore our selection to find the perfect fit for your child's recovery journey. For detailed information about each product, please visit our shop page.

Product Features

  • Lightweight and comfortable for children: Provides ease in mobility and reduces strain, ideal for young patients who are active or need to wear the immobilizer for long periods.

  • Easy to apply by caregivers: Simplifies the process for parents or healthcare workers, ensuring quick and hassle-free application.

  • Made from sturdy, durable material: Ensures long-lasting use and the ability to withstand active child use.

  • Available in pairs for convenience: Offers a complete solution for bilateral procedures or needs.

  • Latex-free for allergy concerns: Safe for children with latex allergies, minimizing skin reactions.

  • Adjustable for a snug fit: Can be customized to fit various arm sizes, providing secure immobilization.

  • Soft padding to prevent skin irritation: Enhances comfort, especially for children with sensitive skin or those wearing it for extended periods.

  • Breathable fabric for extended wear: Reduces the risk of overheating and skin irritation, suitable for prolonged use.

  • Washable for hygiene maintenance: Easy to clean, ensuring that the product remains hygienic for repeated use.

  • Variety of sizes for different age groups: Ensures a proper fit for a wide range of children, from infants to older kids. 

Product Uses

  • Post-surgical recovery assistance: Assists in recovery from surgeries like cardiac procedures, providing comfort and ensuring the child doesn't disturb the surgical site.

  • Support in intensive care settings: Helps in securing limbs to prevent dislodging of essential medical devices like ventilator tubes or central lines.

  • Useful during various medical examinations: Keeps children still and safe during procedures like MRI or CT scans, enhancing the accuracy of diagnostics.

  • Aiding in eye patching for ophthalmological treatments: Ensures the effectiveness of treatments for conditions such as strabismus (crossed eyes) by keeping eye patches in place.

  • Essential in facial surgery recovery: Protects surgical sites in procedures like maxillofacial surgeries, aiding in proper healing.

  • Preventing interference with healing wounds: Useful in cases like skin biopsies or mole removals, preventing scratching or touching of the site.

  • Helping in dermatological procedures: Assists in treatments like eczema or psoriasis, where preventing scratching is vital.

  • Assisting in dental care to prevent habits: Prevents habits such as thumb sucking which can affect dental alignment.

  • Useful in ENT procedures: Important post-procedures like cochlear implant surgeries, keeping the area around the ears protected.

  • Supportive during neurological evaluations: Useful in tests like nerve conduction studies, ensuring the child remains still and doesn’t interfere with the procedure.

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